Friday, 28 September 2018

Stonehenge by Sunset

We used water colour paints and black paper to create atmospheric sunset pictures of Stonehenge.

Lily remembered that the sun can be seen setting between the stones on mid-Summer's day and showed this in her picture.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

You've got to have bones to, hang your body on!

We played a game called, "Whose Bones Are Those?" where we tried to guess which skeletons belong to which animal. Then we found out about what are skelons and bones are for and tried to draw a x-ray view of our hand.

Wednesday Problem Solving- Magic Squares

Can you arrange these number cards into a 3x3 square so that each row, column and diagonal line makes the same total?

Then we tried it with different sets of consecutive numbers.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Cave Art

Welcome to our Year 3 cave! We've been looking at Stone Age cave drawings and recreated them using charcoal.

Problem Solving

This week, our problem solving activity was called "Build It Up". 

In a pyramid, with 4 circles at the bottom we could put 4 single digit numbers (less than 10 and 0 not allowed). The pairs of numbers were then added together to make the next row of numbers. And so on. The number at the top of the pyramid must be 15.

This activity developed our trial and error skills and resilience. We also had to really think ahead. We tried starting from the bottom and working up, then started at the top and worked down! What might be the problem with this?:

Well done girls!

Why not try doing some at home with a different number at the top? How many different ways to do it can you find?

Place value

We've learnt to play a place value game this week. Why not make your own set of cards and play with a grown up at home? Warning- it gets very competitive! 

Problem Solving in Maths

On Wednesday mornings, the children in Year 3 work with Mrs Clark on their problem solving skills. So far this term, we have worked on our visualisation skills trying to make paper shapes fit a camel outline in our activity called "Cover the Camel"!

Can you see what might be the problem with placing the first few pieces like this?

Uh oh! We really had to work on our resilience too!

Well done Chloe- you're the first one to cover your camel!

Reading Time

The children have settled really well into the new routines of Year 3. Here we are enjoying one of our morning reading sessions. Remember to write about what you have read in your new INSPIRE reading records!