Monday, 18 June 2018

Sketching on Gold Hill

Our trip to the Gold Hill Museum.

We've had a fantastic day today. We started with a walk into town and the children were very well behaved and sensible. We met Claire at the museum who gave us lots of Victorian artefacts to have a look at. We had to try and guess what they were, what they were made from and who might have used them. Some of them were quite tricky!

Then some of us had a chance to dress up as some of the Victorian people who would have worked and lived in Shaftesbury.

Lillia the school teacher, Jorja the laundry maid and Travis the shepherd!

Can you remember who these children were dressed up as?

After this, we went on a town trail to find 4 important buildings from the Victorian era. We started at the Town Hall:

Then we found the Westminster Memorial Hospital:

The old junior school and the Head Teacher's house:

Can you remember what the old junior school has been turned into?

The last building we looked at was Trinity Church, which is now the Trinity Centre. Lots of us go here for Cubs and Beavers.

Next we went to the council chambers above the Town Hall where Jake's mum, who is the town clerk, told us about the important work that goes on there. We got to sit round the meeting table and have a go with the gavel. Order, order!

Next some of the adults got to dress up in some of the councillors robes.

Mrs Clark got quite used to wearing the mayor's robes, especially the very expensive gold chain!

We even saw a photograph of the last Victorian mayor for Shaftesbury.

Then it was back to the museum to look at some of the exhibits.

Last of all we found out about some of the families that lived on Gold Hill in the Victorian Times. Some of them had very exciting stories!

Then we went out on to the hill to do some sketching. What a busy day we've had!

Lines of symmetry

We looked for lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.

Parallel and perpendicular lines

We went on a line hunt to see how many parallel and perpendicular lines we could find around the school. How many can you find at home?