Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Football Frenzy!

We are VERY excited to announce, that during Wednesday's assembly, we discovered which teams we would be following and learning about during the Brazilian World Cup.

Holly Class.

Holly Class will be learning about and supporting Honduras. Honduras is the second largest country in Central America, with over 8 million people living there. The main language spoken there is Spanish, and other languages that are often spoken, are English, Miskito and Garifuna.

Many different crops are grown in Honduras, a which is a mountainous country. It is particularly well known for its production of coffee,  sugar cane and  tropical fruit  ...... YUM! Their currency, (the money they use), is called Lempera.

Chestnut Class

Chestnut Class have got the honour of exploring the host country, Brazil. With over 201 million people living there, it is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest nation in the world! The capital city of Brazil, is called Brasilia.

The Amazon, the world's largest jungle, is in the north. There are also other types of landscape to be found, including hills, pine forests and wetlands.

Northern Brazil is dominated by the Amazon River and the jungles that surround it. The Amazon is not one river but a network of many hundreds of waterways. Its total length stretches 6,840 km), making it the longest river on Earth. Thousands of species live in the river, including the infamous piranha and the boto, or pink river dolphin.

Use this link to find out more!

Great Golfers!

Congratulations to the whole of Chestnut Class.
When told we were 'quite unusual' it was a relief to discover that we were, as a whole class, unusually good at golf!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Egyptian Bracelets

Maybe Mr Lavis's daughter Annie can help you make some jewellery.

Welcome Year 3!

Well hello Year 3!

On this blog you should find lots to help you learn about your topics as well as practice some of your skills too.

Also - lots of your work will be shared here so you can let the world see just what your best looks like.

Have a look around and try some links. Good luck!