Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Cooking up the 3 types of rock....

We looked at how the 3 different types of rock are formed.
1) Igneous Rock
This is when lots of rocks ate heated to such a high temperature that they melt and mix. When they cool, they have formed a very different type of rock.

2) Sedimentary Rocks 
This is when layers of dust, sand, decaying plants, bones and clay settle in layers one on top of another. They are then sandwiched together.

3) Metamorphic Rock
This happens in 2 ways. Fist it is when Sedimentary is put under a lot of pressure squashing it.
2) Another way is to heat it a little bit. This makes some of the layers melt and ooze out.

Easter holiday projects

Well done everyone! We have had an epic time looking at all the models and information texts. We had exploding volcanoes as well as an edible one to enjoy.
An exploding one!

Another exploding one!

Finally, the edible one.....

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Types of Rocks

We found out about how different types of rocks are formed. We made igneous fudge to show how igneous rocks are formed. Igneous rock is made by lava (molten rock) cooling down and becoming solid. 

Before the "rock" is heated:

Hot bubbling lava!

Metamorphic rocks are made from different types of rocks which are heated and put under enormous pressure to form a new rock. We showed this by making "Metamorphic Munchies"!

The finished Igneous Fudge and Metamorphic Munchies.

The third type of rock is called sedimentary rock. This is formed by layers of sediment settling at the bottom of rivers and streams. Over millions of years this becomes compacted and solid. Luckily it didn't take us that long to make our Sedimentary Sandwiches!

Easter Holiday Homework- Volcano Projects

Wow! What a fantastic response to our holiday homework! Thank you to Jake for his wonderful volcano cake complete with sparkler. It was delicious!

We saw a live eruption with Lucy's volcano!